/skif"euhl/, v.t., skiffled, skiffling.
knob (def. 7).
[perh. akin to SCABBLE]
/skif"euhl/, n.
1. a jazz style of the 1920s deriving from blues, ragtime, and folk music, played by bands made up of both standard and improvised instruments.
2. a style of popular music developed in England during the 1950s, deriving from hillbilly music and rock-'n'-roll, and played on a heterogeneous group of instruments, as guitar, washboard, ceramic jug, washtub, and kazoo.
[1920-25; orig. uncert.]

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      style of music played on rudimentary instruments, first popularized in the United States in the 1920s but revived by British musicians in the mid-1950s. The term was originally applied to music played by jug bands (in addition to jugs, these bands featured guitars (guitar), banjos (banjo), harmonicas (harmonica), and kazoos), first in Louisville, Kentucky, as early as 1905 and then more prominently in Memphis, Tennessee, in the 1920s and '30s.

      In the Britain of the impoverished post-World War II years, young musicians were delighted to discover a style that could be played on a cheap guitar, a washboard scraped with thimbles, and a tea-chest bass (a broom handle and string attached to a wooden case used for exporting tea). Leadbelly and Woody Guthrie (Guthrie, Woody) were the heroes of a movement that had one foot in the blues and the other in folk music. When singer-banjoist Lonnie Donegan stepped out of the rhythm section of Chris Barber's Dixieland (traditional jazz) band to record a hopped-up version of Leadbelly's “Rock Island Line” in 1954, he was unwittingly laying the foundation of the 1960s British music scene. Released as a single in 1956, “Rock Island Line” was purchased by millions, including John Lennon and Paul McCartney (Beatles, the), who thereby received their first exposure to African-American popular music. Lennon and McCartney were among thousands of British boys who, inspired by Donegan, formed skiffle groups—in their case, the Quarrymen—as a first step on the road to rock and roll.

Richard Williams

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