silicic acid

silicic acid
any of certain amorphous gelatinous masses, formed when alkaline silicates are treated with acids, which dissociate readily into silica and water.

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      a compound of silicon, oxygen, and hydrogen, regarded as the parent substance from which is derived a large family—the silicates—of minerals, salts, and esters. The acid itself, having the formula Si(OH)4, can be prepared only as an unstable solution in water; its molecules readily condense with one another to form water and polymeric chains, rings, sheets, or three-dimensional networks that constitute the structural units of silica gel (q.v.) and many minerals that have very low solubility in water.

      Several esters of silicic acid, made from alcohols and silicon tetrachloride, are thermally stable liquids employed as lubricants and hydraulic fluids. See also water glass.

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