/shoohn/, n. Wade-Giles, Pinyin.
See under Yao.

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In Chinese mythology, one of the three legendary emperors, along with Yao and Da Yu, of the golden age of antiquity (с 23rd century BC), singled out by Confucius as models of integrity and virtue.

Though his father repeatedly tried to murder him, Shun remained loyal to him. Because heaven and earth knew of Shun's virtue, animals assisted him in all his labours. The emperor Yao bypassed his own son to select Shun as his successor, and he gave Shun his two daughters in marriage. Shun is credited with standardizing weights and measures, regulating waterways, and organizing the kingdom into provinces.

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▪ legendary emperor of China

      in Chinese mythology, a legendary emperor (c. 23rd century BC) of the golden age of antiquity, singled out by Confucius as a model of integrity and resplendent virtue. His name is invariably associated with that of Yao, his legendary predecessor.

      Though Shun's father repeatedly tried to murder him, the boy's filial piety never faltered. Because heaven and earth knew of his virtue, birds came to assist in weeding his paddies and animals appeared from nowhere to drag the plow. Yao bypassed his own son in choosing Shun as most worthy to rule; he likewise gave Shun his two daughters, O Huang and Nü Ying (also known as Hsiang Chün and Fu-jen), in marriage. Shun offered sacrifice to the Six Honoured Ones (whose identity is uncertain) and to the spirits of earth. He is credited with standardizing weights and measures, regulating waterways, and organizing the kingdom into 12 provinces or regions. During his reign, marvelous phenomena occurred in the heavens and on earth.

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