/shawr"ing, shohr"-/, n.
1. a number or system of shores for steadying or supporting a wall, a ship in drydock, etc.
2. the act of setting up shores.
[1490-1500; SHORE2 + -ING1]

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      form of prop or support, usually temporary, that is used during the repair or original construction of buildings and in excavations. Temporary support may be required, for example, to relieve the load on a masonry wall while it is repaired or reinforced. The support may be supplied by shoring the wall with heavy timbers sloping upward at about 65° to 75°. The top of the timber is so arranged that part of the wall load is transferred onto it, while the lower end of the timber is framed onto a base to transfer the load to the ground with minimum deformation. Wedges may be used to bring the shore snugly into contact with the wall. If the wall is several stories high, a vertical series of shores may be required. Shores are also used to support the forms for cast-in-place concrete slabs, beams, and girders in reinforced concrete frames.

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