/shawr, shohr/, n.
1. the land along the edge of a sea, lake, broad river, etc.
2. some particular country: my native shore.
3. land, as opposed to sea or water: a marine serving on shore.
4. Law. the space between the ordinary high-water and low-water mark.
5. of, pertaining to, or located on land, esp. land along the edge of a body of water: a marine on shore duty.
[1300-50; ME schore, OE scora; c. MD, MLG schore; perh. akin to SHEAR]
Syn. 1. strand, margin. SHORE, BANK, BEACH, COAST refer to an edge of land abutting on an ocean, lake, or other large body of water. SHORE is the general word: The ship reached shore. BANK denotes the land along a river or other watercourse, sometimes steep but often not: The river flows between its banks. BEACH refers to sandy or pebbly margins along a shore, esp. those made wider at ebb tide: a private beach for bathers. COAST applies only to land along an ocean: the Pacific coast.
/shawr, shohr/, n., v., shored, shoring.
1. a supporting post or beam with auxiliary members, esp. one placed obliquely against the side of a building, a ship in drydock, or the like; prop; strut.
2. to support by or as if by a shore or shores; prop (usually fol. by up): to shore up a roof; government subsidies to shore up falling corn prices.
[1300-50; (n.) ME; c. MLG, MD schore prop; (v.) shoren, deriv. of the n.]
Syn. 1. brace, buttress, stay.
/shawr, shohr/, v.t., shored, shoring. Scot. and North Eng.
1. to threaten (someone).
2. to offer or proffer (something).
[1325-75; ME (Scots) schore < ?]

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