/sheuh lak"/, n., v., shellacked, shellacking.
1. lac that has been purified and formed into thin sheets, used for making varnish.
2. a varnish (shellac varnish) made by dissolving this material in alcohol or a similar solvent.
3. a phonograph record made of a breakable material containing shellac, esp. one to be played at 78 r.p.m.: an LP that can hold nearly 10 times as much as the old shellac.
4. to coat or treat with shellac.
5. Slang.
a. to defeat; trounce.
b. to thrash soundly.
Also, shellack.
[1705-15; SHELL + LAC1, trans. of F laque en écailles lac in thin plates]

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      commercial resin marketed in the form of amber flakes, made from the secretions of the lac insect, a tiny scale insect, Laccifer lacca (see lac). Shellac is a natural thermoplastic; that is, a material that is soft and flows under pressure when heated but becomes rigid at room temperature. This property makes it useful either by itself or in combination with such fillers as flaked mica and asbestos in manufactured molding compositions, used for producing molded articles such as buttons.

      Shellac is an ingredient in many products, including abrasives, sealing wax, hair sprays, and cake glazes. It was formerly used, along with fine clay or other filler, to mold phonograph records, but, after the early 1930s, synthetic thermoplastics, particularly vinyl resins, gradually replaced it.

      Alcohol solutions of shellac, also called simply shellac, are used as varnishes for priming and finishing furniture, floors, and various wood articles and as an intermediate in nitrocellulose lacquers. Alkali emulsions of shellac are used to make self-polishing waxes, stiffeners for felt hats, cements, and sealers.

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