/shawm/, n.
an early musical woodwind instrument with a double reed: the forerunner of the modern oboe.
[1300-50; ME schalme < MF chaume < L calamus stalk, reed < Gk kálamos reed; r. ME schallemele < MF chalemel (see CHALUMEAU)]

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Double-reed Renaissance woodwind instrument, ancestor of the oboe.

Its conical bore and bell are wider than the oboe's. A disk called a pirouette usually supports the player's lips. Shawms were constructed in many sizes, from treble to great bass. They were in use in the Middle East perhaps 2,000 years ago, and they were introduced into Europe during the Crusades. With their powerful tone, shawms were classed with the "loud" or "outdoor" instruments and were used in dance and ceremonial music.

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      (from Latin calamus, “reed”; Old French: chalemie), double-reed wind instrument of Middle Eastern origin, a precursor of the oboe. Like the oboe, it is conically bored; but its bore, bell, and finger holes are wider, and it has a wooden disk (called a pirouette, on European shawms) that supports the lips and, on Asian instruments, holds them away from the reed. The tone, intended for open air, is powerful.

      It appeared near the beginning of the Christian Era and was widely disseminated by Islāmic influence. Numerous varieties (including the Indian shahnāʾī and nāgasuram, the Chinese suo-na, or so-na, and the Balkan and Middle Eastern zurla and zurna) are still played from Morocco eastward and in Islāmic areas of West Africa. They are generically called either shawms or oboes.

      The shawm was introduced into Europe during the Crusades and was widely used in dance and ceremonial music. Instruments of various pitches, from treble to great bass, were constructed in the 16th century. Though it declined in Europe after the 17th century, it survived in Spain, modernized with complete keywork, as the tenora (tenor) and tiple (treble), which lead the bands for the sardana, the national dance of Catalonia. Its compass is about two octaves.

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