selection rule

selection rule
any of several rules designating allowed transitions between quantum states in terms of the quantum numbers associated with the states.

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      in quantum mechanics, any of a set of restrictions governing the likelihood that a physical system will change from one state to another or will be unable to make such a transition. Selection rules, accordingly, may specify “allowed transitions,” those that have a high probability of occurring, or “forbidden transitions,” those that have minimal or no probability of occurring. Selection rules usually are stated as sets of changes in one or more quantum numbers that characterize properties changed by the transition in question.

      Atoms (atom), for example, radiate light or other electromagnetic energy whenever they make a transition from a higher to a lower energy state. The only allowed transitions are those in which the orbital quantum number of an electron changes by one and its magnetic quantum number remains the same or changes by one. Radiations not meeting these selection rules are rarely observed.

      In subatomic physics, unstable particles spontaneously change into other particles in numerous different processes, called decays. Neutrons decay into protons and electrons; muons decay into electrons and neutrinos; and so on. Selection rules, however, prevent certain decays. Electrons, for instance, never decay. The selection rule in this and other forbidden transitions is a specific case of a conservation law, such as the conservation of electric charge. Selection rules are, in fact, particular manifestations of fundamental physical laws.

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