/see"keuhr/, n.
1. a person or thing that seeks.
2. Rocketry.
a. a device in a missile that locates a target by sensing some characteristic of the target, as heat emission.
b. a missile equipped with such a device.
[1300-50; ME; see SEEK, -ER1]

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      member of any of numerous small groups of Separatist Puritans in 16th-century England who sought new prophets to reveal God's true church. Seekers subscribed to the principles of Caspar Schwenckfeld (Schwenckfeld, Kaspar) of Lower Silesia, Sebastian Franck (Franck, Sebastian) of Swabia, Dirck Coornhert (Coornhert, Dirck Volckertszoon) of the Netherlands, and other reformers who denied the effectiveness as a means of salvation of all external forms of religion, such as the sacraments, baptism, and the Scriptures. Their services were silent meetings at which members spoke only when inspired to do so. The Seekers gave rise to the Society of Friends (Friends, Society of) ( Quakers). Persecuted in Europe, many settled in Rhode Island, whose founder, Roger Williams (Williams, Roger), professed Seeker ideas and advocated religious freedom for all.

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