sea spider

sea spider
any member of the arthropod class Pycnogonida, marine invertebrates with eight long walking legs attached to a small body consisting of a cephalothorax and vestigial abdomen.

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▪ Pycnogonida
also called  Pycnogonid,  

      any of the spiderlike marine animals comprising the class Pycnogonida (also called Pantopoda) of the phylum Arthropoda. Sea spiders walk about on the ocean bottom on their slender legs or crawl among plants and animals; some may tread water.

      Most pycnogonids have four pairs of long legs attached to four trunk segments. The body size ranges from 3 millimetres (1/8 inch) in tropical shallow-water species to 50 centimetres (20 inches) in deepwater species. The mouth, a triangular opening at the end of an elaborate suctorial appendage (proboscis), is often longer and larger than the body. Adult pycnogonids either suck the juices from soft-bodied invertebrates or browse on hydroids (phylum Cnidaria) and bryozoans. The four simple eyes are often lacking in the deepwater species. The digestive and reproductive systems have branches that go to the legs.

      Sexes are separate, and fertilization is apparently external. The males carry the eggs on a special pair of legs until they hatch. Many species have larval or juvenile stages that are parasitic in cnidarians or mollusks, but they are not important economically. Nervous and circulatory systems are simple, and there are apparently no respiratory or excretory systems.

      Classification within the group is based on the presence or absence of various anterior appendages. There are no clear ordinal divisions within the living genera, which are grouped in about a dozen families. There are more than 600 described living species and at least one fossil species from the Jurassic Period (about 136,000,000 to 190,000,000 years ago).

      Pycnogonids are sometimes also called whip scorpions.

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