seasoninglike, adj.
/see"zeuh ning/, n.
1. salt or an herb, spice, or the like, for heightening or improving the flavor of food.
2. the process by which a person becomes conditioned or seasoned: That pitcher had a year of seasoning.
[1505-15; SEASON + -ING1]

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▪ treatment process
      in lumbering, drying lumber to prepare it for use. Unseasoned (green) wood is subject to attack by fungi and insects, and it also shrinks as it dries. Because it does not shrink evenly in all directions, it is likely to split and warp. The most common seasoning methods are air seasoning and dry-kiln seasoning. In air seasoning, the boards are stacked and divided by narrow pieces of wood called stickers so that the air can circulate freely about each board. The stack is slanted to facilitate drainage of rain. In dry-kiln seasoning, the wood is placed in a structure in which heat, humidity, and air circulation are carefully controlled by fans and steam pipes. As adjuncts to air and kiln seasoning, salt or urea may be impregnated into wood to make it season more easily and quickly.

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