/skrub"euhr/, n.
1. a person who scrubs.
2. a device or process for removing pollutants from smoke or gas produced by burning high-sulfur fuels.
3. a machine or appliance used in scrubbing: an automatic floor scrubber.
[1830-40; SCRUB1 + -ER1]
/skrub"euhr/, n.
1. a mongrel, esp. a mongrel steer.
2. a thin or stunted steer.
3. Australian.
a. an inhabitant of the bush.
b. any domestic animal that has run off into the bush and become wild, esp. a steer.
[1855-60; SCRUB2 + -ER1]
/skrub"er/, n. Brit. Slang.
a prostitute or promiscuous woman.
[1955-60; variously explained as sense development of either SCRUBBER1 or SCRUBBER2; cf. earlier scrub in same sense]

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