Scottish terrier

Scottish terrier
one of a Scottish breed of small terriers having short legs and a wiry, steel-gray, brindled, black, sandy, or wheaten coat. Also called Scotch terrier.

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Short-legged terrier breed, perhaps the oldest of the Highland terriers.

A strong and plucky dog, the Scottie is squat and bewhiskered, with alert-looking eyes and a distinctive rolling gait. It stands about 10 in. (25.5 cm) tall and weighs 18–22 lb (8–10 kg). Its hard, wiry coat may be of various colours.

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▪ breed of dog
also called  Scottie  
 short-legged terrier breed often held by its admirers to be the oldest of the Highland terriers, although this contention has not been proved. A small, squat, bewhiskered dog with wide-set, alert-looking eyes, short legs, and a distinctive rolling gait, the Scottie has a hard, wiry coat, which may be black, brindle, gray, grizzled blue-gray, sand-coloured, or wheaten (pale yellowish brown). Adult height is about 10 inches (25 cm), with a weight of 18 to 22 pounds (8 to 10 kg). The breed is usually described as strong and plucky.

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