/skli ruy"tis/, n. Pathol.
inflammation of the sclera.
[1860-65; SCLER- + -ITIS]

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       inflammation of the sclera, the white part of the eye (eye, human). The inflammation is immune-mediated and is commonly associated with underlying systemic infections, such as shingles ( herpes zoster), syphilis, and tuberculosis, or with autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus. Scleritis generally occurs in people in their fourth to sixth decades of life, affects women more often than men, and frequently affects both eyes. It usually produces a severe, deep ocular pain and a localized or diffuse reddish purple discoloration of the sclera. On occasion, scleritis can be severe enough to destroy areas of the sclera and pose a significant threat to the health and visual function of the eye. Other eye complications of scleritis include uveitis, cataracts (cataract), keratitis, and glaucoma. Scleritis can also be a harbinger of serious, life-threatening systemic illness. Treatment ranges from topical corticosteroid eye drops to oral nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents. Treatment of underlying systemic disease, such as with immunosuppressive medication, may also be a critical component of overall therapy.

      Episcleritis, in contrast to scleritis, is typically a benign, self-limited inflammation of the tissues immediately covering the sclera. It produces redness of the eye with or without mild tenderness. Only in rare cases do patients have any associated underlying disease. Treatment is often not necessary but could include topical nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications.

Daniel M. Albert David M. Gamm

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