schoolable, adj.schoolless, adj.schoollike, adj.
/skoohl/, n.
1. an institution where instruction is given, esp. to persons under college age: The children are at school.
2. an institution for instruction in a particular skill or field.
3. a college or university.
4. a regular course of meetings of a teacher or teachers and students for instruction; program of instruction: summer school.
5. a session of such a course: no school today; to be kept after school.
6. the activity or process of learning under instruction, esp. at a school for the young: As a child, I never liked school.
7. one's formal education: They plan to be married when he finishes school.
8. a building housing a school.
9. the body of students, or students and teachers, belonging to an educational institution: The entire school rose when the principal entered the auditorium.
10. a building, room, etc., in a university, set apart for the use of one of the faculties or for some particular purpose: the school of agriculture.
11. a particular faculty or department of a university having the right to recommend candidates for degrees, and usually beginning its program of instruction after the student has completed general education: medical school.
12. any place, situation, etc., tending to teach anything.
13. the body of pupils or followers of a master, system, method, etc.: the Platonic school of philosophy.
14. Art.
a. a group of artists, as painters, writers, or musicians, whose works reflect a common conceptual, regional, or personal influence: the modern school; the Florentine school.
b. the art and artists of a geographical location considered independently of stylistic similarity: the French school.
15. any group of persons having common attitudes or beliefs.
16. Mil., Navy. parts of close-order drill applying to the individual (school of the soldier), the squad (school of the squad), or the like.
17. Australian and New Zealand Informal. a group of people gathered together, esp. for gambling or drinking.
18. schools, Archaic. the faculties of a university.
19. Obs. the schoolmen in a medieval university.
20. of or connected with a school or schools.
21. Obs. of the schoolmen.
22. to educate in or as if in a school; teach; train.
23. Archaic. to reprimand.
[bef. 900; ME scole (n.), OE scol < L schola < Gk scholé leisure employed in learning]
/skoohl/, n.
1. a large number of fish, porpoises, whales, or the like, feeding or migrating together.
2. to form into, or go in, a school, as fish.
[1350-1400; ME schol(e) < D school; c. OE scolu troop; see SHOAL2]

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(as used in expressions)
Cheng Zhu school
Ch'eng Chu school
Fontainebleau school of
Franco Cantabrian school
Kano school
New School for Social Research
Notre Dame school
Pont Aven school
Vladimir Suzdal school

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