/skap"yeuh leuhr/, adj.
of or pertaining to the shoulders or the scapula or scapulae.
[1680-90; < NL scapularis. See SCAPULA, -AR1]
/skap"yeuh leuhr/, n.
1. Eccles. a loose, sleeveless monastic garment, hanging from the shoulders.
2. two small pieces of woolen cloth, joined by strings passing over the shoulders, worn under the ordinary clothing as a badge of affiliation with a religious order, a token of devotion, etc.
3. Anat., Zool. scapula.
4. Ornith. one of the scapular feathers. See illus. under bird.
[1475-85; < ML scapulare, n. use of neut. of scapularis (adj.). See SCAPULAR1]

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