scablike, adj.
/skab/, n., v., scabbed, scabbing.
1. the incrustation that forms over a sore or wound during healing.
2. Vet. Pathol. a mangy disease in animals, esp. sheep; scabies. Cf. itch (def. 10).
3. Plant Pathol.
a. a disease of plants characterized by crustlike lesions on the affected parts and caused by a fungus or bacterium.
b. one of these crustlike lesions.
4. a worker who refuses to join a labor union or to participate in a union strike, who takes a striking worker's place on the job, or the like.
5. Slang. a rascal or scoundrel.
6. Metall.
a. a projection or roughness on an ingot or casting from a defective mold.
b. a surface defect on an iron or steel piece resulting from the rolling in of scale.
7. Carpentry. a short, flat piece of wood used for various purposes, as binding two timbers butted together or strengthening a timber at a weak spot.
8. to become covered with a scab.
9. to act or work as a scab.
[1200-50; 1800-10 for def. 4; ME < ON skabb scab, itch; cf. SHABBY, SHAVE]

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      in pathology, secondary skin lesion composed of dried serum, blood, or pus. See wound.

      in botany, any of several bacterial or fungal diseases of plants characterized by crustaceous lesions on fruit, tuber, leaf, or stem. The term is also used for the symptom of the disease.

      Scab often affects the trees or plants of apples, crab apples, cereals, cucumbers, peaches, pecans, Photinis, potatoes (potato), and pyracantha. Leaves of affected plants may wither and drop early. Potatoes are especially susceptible to common scab, caused by a bacteria that spreads rapidly in dry alkaline soils. It can be prevented by avoiding the use of materials such as wood ash, fresh manure, and lime that will add alkalinity to the soil. Other disease-prevention methods include planting resistant varieties or disease-free seeds, tubers, and corms; destroying diseased parts; removing weeds; rotating vegetables and flowers; and regularly spraying plants with fungicides.

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