antithetical [an΄tə thet′i kəl]
obs. antithetic, opposite (< Gr antithetikos < antithenai: see ANTITHESIS) + -AL
1. of or containing antithesis
2. exactly opposite: Also antithetic

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an·ti·thet·i·cal (ăn'tĭ-thĕtʹĭ-kəl) also an·ti·thet·ic (-ĭk) adj.
1. Of, relating to, or marked by antithesis.
2. Being in diametrical opposition. See Synonyms at opposite.
  [From Medieval Latin antitheticus, from Greek antithetikos, from antitithenai, to oppose. See antithesis.]   an'ti·thetʹi·cal·ly adv.

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