/seuh tuy"i tee/, n.
the state of being satiated; surfeit.
[1525-35; < L satietas; r. earlier sacietie < MF sacieté < L]

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      desire to limit further food intake, as after completing a satisfying meal. The hypothalamus, part of the central nervous system, regulates the amount of food desired. Eating is thought to increase the body temperature, and as the temperature in the hypothalamus rises, the process of feeding decreases. Satiety is reached long before the food is digested or absorbed. In humans a number of factors may be involved in limiting food consumption. The feeling of fullness caused by distention of the stomach can stop further eating. A large quantity of sugar in the bloodstream or a large amount of stored fat tissue may inhibit ingestion. Emotional or psychological factors also can cause or delay satiety; a person who is upset may be totally satisfied by only a few bites of food. People on diets can limit their food intake by refraining from eating before reaching satiety; the body may crave more nourishment, but the desire to eat more can be overruled.

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