sanitarily, adv.sanitariness, n.
/san"i ter'ee/, adj.
1. of or pertaining to health or the conditions affecting health, esp. with reference to cleanliness, precautions against disease, etc.
2. favorable to health; free from dirt, bacteria, etc.: a sanitary washroom.
3. providing healthy cleanliness: a sanitary wrapper on all sandwiches.
[1835-45; < L sanit(as) health (see SANITY) + -ARY]
Syn. 1, 2. clean, germ-free, unpolluted, antiseptic. SANITARY, HYGIENIC agree in being concerned with health. SANITARY refers more especially to conditions affecting health or measures for guarding against infection or disease: to insure sanitary conditions in preparing food. HYGIENIC is applied to whatever concerns the care of the body and the promotion of health: to live in hygienic surroundings with plenty of fresh air. 2. healthy, salutary.
Ant. 1, 2. unclean, unwholesome; unhealthy, polluted, septic.

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