sandwich board

sandwich board
two connected posters or signboards that hang in front of and behind a person and usually bear some advertisement, notice, exhortation, or the like.

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      advertising sign consisting of two placards fastened together at the top with straps supported on the shoulders of the carrier, or sandwich man. The sandwich board was a popular form of advertising in the 19th century, when merchants and tradesmen hired men to carry the placards up and down the streets (sometimes on horseback), promoting their goods and services to passersby. Charles Dickens (Dickens, Charles) was the first to refer to such sign carriers as “sandwich men.” Sandwich boards disappeared in the early 20th century until the Great Depression, when lack of funds for large advertising campaigns made this inexpensive advertising technique temporarily popular once more. The use of sandwich boards had declined considerably by the 21st century, but the boards are still used by local-area merchants to generate publicity or to promote special sales or events.

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