/sam"beuhr, sahm"-/, n.
a deer, Cervus unicolor, of India, Sri Lanka, southeastern Asia, the East Indies, and the Philippines, having three-pointed antlers.
Also, sambur, sambhar, sambhur.
[1690-1700; < Hindi < Skt sambara]

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      (Cervus unicolor), widely distributed deer, family Cervidae (order Artiodactyla), found from India and Nepal eastward through Southeast Asia. The sambar live in forests, alone or in small groups. A large, relatively long-tailed deer, it stands 1.2–1.4 m (47–55 inches) at the shoulder. The coat forms a ruff around its neck and is an unspotted, dark brown in colour. The male sambar bears long, three-tined antlers. Several races of sambar are recognized, among them the large Indian sambar (C. u. niger) and the smaller Malayan sambar (C. u. equinus).

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