/run"ing/, n.
1. the act of a person, animal, or thing that runs.
2. managing or directing: the running of a business.
3. an act or instance of racing: the 113th running of the Kentucky Derby.
4. the condition of a track or surface to be run or raced on; footing: Our track team had muddy running today.
5. the amount, quality, or type of a liquid flow.
6. in the running,
a. participating or entered as a competitor.
b. under consideration as a candidate or possible choice: Who is still in the running for the directorship?
c. among the winners or those making a good showing.
7. out of the running,
a. not competing in a contest or race.
b. not among the winners or runners-up in a contest or race: to finish out of the running.
8. galloping, racing, moving, or passing rapidly.
9. (of a horse)
a. going or proceeding rapidly at the gait of a gallop.
b. taught to proceed at a gallop.
10. creeping or climbing, as plants: a running vine.
11. moving or proceeding easily or smoothly.
12. moving when pulled or hauled, as a rope.
13. slipping or sliding easily, as a knot or a noose.
14. operating or functioning, as a machine.
15. (of measurement) linear; straight-line.
16. cursive, as handwriting.
17. flowing, as a stream.
18. liquid or fluid.
19. present; current: the running month.
20. prevalent, as a condition or state: running prices.
21. going or carried on continuously; sustained: a running commentary.
22. extending or repeated continuously: a running pattern.
23. performed with or during a run: a running leap.
24. discharging pus or other matter: a running sore.
25. Naut. noting any of various objects or assemblages of objects that may be moved in ordinary use: running bowsprit; running gaff.
26. Naut., Mach.
a. noting any block of a tackle that moves.
b. noting the part of the fall of a tackle that moves through the blocks (opposed to standing).
27. in succession; consecutively: He slept badly for three nights running.
[1150-1200; ME; see RUN, -ING1, -ING2]

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      footracing over a variety of distances and courses and numbering among the most popular sports in nearly all times and places. Modern competitive running ranges from sprints (dashes), with their emphasis on continuous high speed, to grueling long-distance and marathon races, requiring great endurance. See also athletics; cross-country; hurdling; long-distance running; marathon; middle-distance running; relay race; sprint; steeplechase. For walk racing, see walking.

      Running is also a popular noncompetitive recreation that can produce important physiological benefits. See jogging.

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