rovingly, adv.rovingness, n.
/roh"ving/, adj.
1. roaming or wandering.
2. not assigned or restricted to any particular location, area, topic, etc.: a roving editor.
3. not assigned to any particular diplomatic post but having a special mission: a roving ambassador.
[1590-1600; ROVE1 + -ING2]
/roh"ving/, n.
1. a soft strand of fiber that has been twisted, attenuated, and freed of foreign matter preparatory to its conversion into yarn.
2. the final phase of carding, in which this is done.
[1785-95; ROVE3 + -ING1]

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      in archery, form of practice or competition dating from at least the 16th century, when it was practiced by the Honourable Artillery Company at Finsbury Fields near London. Archers set up many marks on the field and shot from one to the next in sequence, the object being, as in golf, to use the fewest shots in completing the course. Roving is similar to modern field archery, which, in fact, is sometimes called roving.

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