/rohz"wood'/, n.
1. any of various reddish cabinet woods, sometimes with a roselike odor, yielded by certain tropical trees, esp. belonging to the genus Dalbergia, of the legume family.
2. a tree yielding such wood.
[1650-60; ROSE1 + WOOD1]

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      any of several ornamental timbers, products of various tropical trees native to Brazil, Honduras, Jamaica, Africa, and India. The most important commercially are the Honduras rosewood, Dalbergia stevensoni, and the Brazilian rosewood, principally D. nigra, a leguminous tree up to 125 feet (38 metres) called cabiúna, and jacaranda in Brazil. jacaranda (q.v.) also refers to several species of Machaerium, also of the Fabaceae (or Leguminosae) family, and a source of commercial rosewood.

      Rosewood is a deep, ruddy brown to purplish-brown colour, richly streaked and grained with black resinous layers. It takes a fine polish but because of its resinous nature is difficult to work. The heartwood attains large dimensions, but squared logs or planks are never seen because before the tree arrives at maturity, the heartwood begins to decay, making it faulty and hollow at the centre. Once much in demand by cabinetmakers and piano makers, the wood is still used to fashion xylophone bars, but waning supplies restrict its use. Rosewood earlier was exported in quantity from Brazil, Jamaica, and Honduras.

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