/rawr"kweuhl/, n.
any of several whales of the genus Balaenoptera; finback.
[1820-30; < F < Norw rørkval, ON reytharhvalr, equiv. to reyth(a)r rorqual (akin to rauthr RED1) + hvalr WHALE1]

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Any of five species of baleen whales in the genus Balaenoptera (family Balaenopteridae), namely, the blue, fin, sei, Bryde's, and minke whales.

The term often includes the humpback whale, the only other member of the family.

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 any of five particular species of baleen whales (baleen whale)—specifically the blue whale, fin whale, sei whale, Bryde's whale, and minke whale. The term is often extended to include the humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangeliae), the only other member of the family Balaenopteridae, in which case rorqual becomes synonymous with the family name.

      Rorquals are distinguished from other baleen whales by the presence of ventral grooves extending from the chin and lower jaw margins down the throat to the belly. These allow the mouth cavity to expand into the throat and make gulp-feeding practical (see cetacean: Feeding adaptations (cetacean)).

      The genus name, from the Latin balaena (“whale”) plus the Greek pteron (alluding to the dorsal fin), is reminiscent of a time when all members of the genus were called finner whales. The term rorqual is a Scandinavian word of uncertain origin.

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