/ruyz/, v., rose, risen /riz"euhn/, rising, n.
1. to get up from a lying, sitting, or kneeling posture; assume an upright position: She rose and walked over to greet me. With great effort he rose to his knees.
2. to get up from bed, esp. to begin the day after a night's sleep: to rise early.
3. to become erect and stiff, as the hair in fright.
4. to get up after falling or being thrown down.
5. to become active in opposition or resistance; revolt or rebel.
6. to be built up, erected, or constructed.
7. to spring up or grow, as plants: Weeds rose overnight.
8. to become prominent on or project from a surface, as a blister.
9. to come into existence; appear.
10. to come into action, as a wind or storm.
11. to occur: A quarrel rose between them.
12. to originate, issue, or be derived; to have a source.
13. to move from a lower to a higher position; move upward; ascend: The bird rose in the air.
14. to ascend above the horizon, as a heavenly body.
15. to extend directly upward; project vertically: The tower rises to a height of 60 feet. The building rises above the city's other skyscrapers.
16. to have an upward slant or curve: The path rises as it approaches the woods.
17. to attain higher rank, status, or importance or a higher economic level: to rise in the world.
18. to advance to a higher level of action, thought, feeling, etc.: to rise above the commonplace.
19. Angling. (of fish) to come up toward the surface of the water in pursuit of food or bait.
20. to prove oneself equal to a demand, emergency, etc. (fol. by to): to rise to the occasion; to rise to one's responsibilities.
21. to become animated, cheerful, or heartened, as the spirits.
22. to become roused or stirred: to feel one's temper rising.
23. to increase in height, as the level of water: The river rose thirty feet in eight hours.
24. to swell or puff up, as dough from the action of yeast.
25. to increase in amount, as prices.
26. to increase in price or value, as commodities.
27. to increase in degree, intensity, or force, as fever, color, etc.
28. to become louder or of higher pitch, as the voice.
29. to adjourn or close a session, as a deliberative body or court.
30. to return from the dead: Christ rose from the dead and on the third day ascended into heaven.
31. Nonstandard. to cause to rise.
32. Naut. to cause (something) to rise above the visible horizon by approaching nearer to it; raise.
33. rise above, to ignore or be indifferent to, as an insult.
34. an act or instance of rising.
35. appearance above the horizon, as of the sun or moon.
36. elevation or increase in rank, fortune, influence, power, etc.: the rise and fall of ancient Rome.
37. an increase in height, as of the level of water.
38. the amount of such increase.
39. an increase in amount, as of prices.
40. an increase in price or value, as of commodities.
41. Chiefly Brit. raise (defs. 33-36).
42. an increase in degree or intensity, as of temperature.
43. an increase in loudness or in pitch, as of the voice.
44. Archit., Building Trades.
a. the measured height of any of various things, as a roof, a flight of steps, a stair step, or the crown of a road.
b. the measured height of an arch from the springing line to the highest point of the intrados.
45. the vertical distance through which the floor of an elevator or the like passes.
46. origin, source, or beginning: the rise of a stream in a mountain.
47. a coming into existence or notice: the rise of a new talent.
48. extension upward.
49. the amount of such extension.
50. upward slope, as of ground or a road.
51. a piece of rising or high ground: a house built upon a gentle rise.
52. the distance between the crotch and the waist of a pair of trousers: Pants with a high rise are now in style.
53. Angling. the coming up of a fish toward the surface in pursuit of food or bait.
54. get a rise out of, Informal. a. to provoke, as to action or anger. b. to evoke the expected or desired response from.
55. give rise to, to originate; produce; cause: The Industrial Revolution gave rise to accelerated urbanization.
[bef. 1000; ME risen (v.), OE risan; c. D rijzen, OHG risan, Goth reisan; akin to RAISE, REAR2]
Syn. 12. arise, proceed. 13. mount. 17. succeed, advance.
Ant. 1. sink. 4. fall. 13. descend. 17. fail.
Usage. See raise.

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