rimless, adj.
/rim/, n., v., rimmed, rimming.
1. the outer edge, border, margin, or brink of something, esp. of a circular object.
2. any edge, margin, or frame added to or around a central object or area.
3. the outer circle of a wheel, attached to the hub by spokes.
4. a circular strip of metal forming the connection between an automobile wheel and tire, either permanently attached to or removable from the wheel.
5. a drive wheel or flywheel, as on a spinning mule.
6. Basketball. the metal ring from which the net is suspended to form the basket.
7. Journalism. the outer edge of a usually U-shaped copy desk, occupied by the copyreaders. Cf. slot (def. 5).
8. Metall. (in an ingot) an outer layer of metal having a composition different from that of the center.
9. to furnish with a rim, border, or margin.
10. (of a golf ball or putt) to roll around the edge of (a hole) but not go in.
11. Basketball. (of a basketball) to roll around (the rim of the basket) and not go in.
12. to coat or encrust the rim of (a glass): Rim each cocktail glass with salt.
[bef. 1150; ME; OE -rima (in compounds); c. ON rimi raised strip of land, ridge]
Syn. 1. lip, verge. RIM, BRIM refer to the boundary of a circular or curved area. A RIM is a line or surface bounding such an area; an edge or border: the rim of a glass. BRIM usually means the inside of the rim, at the top of a hollow object (except of a hat), and is used particularly when the object contains something: The cup was filled to the brim.
Ant. 1. center.

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Universalium. 2010.

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