/ri shahrd"/; Fr. /rddee shannrdd"/, n.
Maurice /maw rees"/; Fr. /moh rddees"/, ("the Rocket"), born 1921, Canadian hockey player.
/rich"euhrd/, n.
a male given name.

* * *

(as used in expressions)
Allen Richard
Arkwright Sir Richard
Attlee Clement Richard 1st Earl Attlee of Walthamstow
Avedon Richard
Ballinger Richard Achilles
Barton Sir Derek Harold Richard
Bentley Richard
Bonington Richard Parkes
Burbage Richard
Burton Richard
Burton Sir Richard Francis
Butler Richard Austen baron of Saffron Walden
Byrd Richard Evelyn
Richard Wagstaff Clark
Cobden Richard
Cripps Sir Richard Stafford
Cromwell Richard
Daley Richard Joseph
Dana Richard Henry
Diebenkorn Richard
Drew Charles Richard
Ely Richard Theodore
Feynman Richard Phillips
Ford Richard
Fuller Richard Buckminster
Hakluyt Richard
Haldane of Cloane Richard Burdon 1st Viscount
Hamming Richard Wesley
Heath Sir Edward Richard George
Hersey John Richard
Hess Walter Richard Rudolf
Hicks Sir John Richard
Hoe Robert and Hoe Richard March
Hooker Richard
Howe Richard Howe Earl
Hunt Richard Morris
Jayewardene Junius Richard
Johnson Richard Mentor
Klein Calvin Richard
Krafft Ebing Richard Freiherr Baron von
Lee Richard Henry
Richard Wayne Penniman
Meier Richard Alan
Neutra Richard Joseph
Nicolls Richard
Nixon Richard Milhous
Richard Patrick Russ
Olney Richard
Paisley Ian Richard Kyle
Petty Richard
Richard the Lionhearted
Richard Joseph Henri Maurice
Roberts Richard
Rodgers Richard
Rolle Richard de Hampole
Rorty Richard McKay
Rush Richard
Schlesinger John Richard
Richard Henry Sellers
Serra Richard
Sheridan Richard Brinsley Butler
Richard Bernard Skelton
Steele Sir Richard
Strauss Richard Georg
Tawney Richard Henry
Trevithick Richard
Richard Wayne Van Dyke
Wagner Wilhelm Richard
Wallace Richard Horatio Edgar
Richard Neville
Wellesley of Norragh Richard Colley Wellesley Marquess
Whittington Richard
Wilbur Richard Purdy
Wilson Richard
Wright Richard
Holland of Foxley and of Holland Henry Richard Vassall Fox 3rd Baron

* * *

▪ English claimant to the Holy Roman Empire
also called  Earl of Cornwall  
born Jan. 6, 1209, Winchester, Hampshire, Eng.
died April 2, 1272, Berkhampstead Castle, Hertfordshire

      king of the Romans from 1256 to 1271, aspirant to the crown of the Holy Roman Empire.

      He was the second son of King John of England and was created Earl of Cornwall (May 30, 1227). Between 1227 and 1238 he frequently opposed his brother, King Henry III by joining the barons in several crises but never proceeding to rebellion and always making Henry pay heavily for reconciliation. He took the cross (1236) and led a small English force to the Holy Land (June 1240–January 1242), refortifying Ascalon and negotiating an advantageous treaty. During Henry III's disastrous Poitevin campaign in France (1242), Richard's prompt retreat at Saintes and his persuasive diplomacy at Taillebourg saved Henry from capture. While acting regent of England during Henry's Gascon visit (1253–54), Richard summoned knights to represent the shires at the critical Easter Parliament of 1254. Reputedly the richest magnate in England, he refused Pope Innocent IV's offer of the Sicilian crown (1252–53) but accepted imperial candidature (1256), purchased four of the seven electoral votes, was elected king of the Romans and crowned at Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle; May 17, 1257). By lavish bribery he gained recognition throughout the Rhineland, returning home in January 1259.

      He helped Henry to overthrow the Provisions of Oxford, but from June to October 1260 he again visited Germany, then discovering the impossibility of his hopes of the imperial crown.

      He helped Henry invaluably against the rebel barons (1263–64) but was captured at Lewes (May 14, 1264) and imprisoned at Wallingford and then at Kenilworth until the overthrow of Simon de Montfort at Evesham (Aug. 4, 1265). He then worked ceaselessly to obtain the relatively moderate settlement of the Dictum of Kenilworth (Oct. 31, 1266). His fourth and last visit to Germany (August 1268–August 1269) is notable only for his third marriage, to Beatrice of Falkenburg.

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