/rohd"n uyt'/, n.
a mineral, manganese metasilicate, MnSiO3, occurring usually in rose-red masses, sometimes used as an ornamental stone; manganese spar.
[1815-25; < G Rhodonit < Gk rhódon ROSE1 + G -it -ITE1]

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Silicate mineral that occurs in various manganese ores, often with rhodochrosite.

A manganese silicate, MnSiO3, with small amounts of iron and calcium, it is found in the Ural Mountains, Sweden, Australia, California, New Jersey, and elsewhere. Rhodonite is the primary source of some important manganese oxide deposits, such as the manganese ores of India. Fine-grained rhodonite of clean, pink colour is a desirable gem and ornamental stone.

Rhodonite from Pajsberg, Swed.

By courtesy of the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago; photograph, John H. Gerard

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 silicate mineral that occurs as rounded crystals, masses, or grains in various manganese ores, often with rhodochrosite. It is found in the Ural Mountains of Russia, where it is mined for ornamental uses, and in Sweden, New South Wales, California, and New Jersey. Rhodonite, a manganese, iron, and calcium silicate, (Mn,Fe,Ca)SiO3, in some cases forms the primary source of very important deposits of manganese oxides, such as the manganese ores of India. For detailed physical properties, see silicate mineral (table).

      Fine-grained rhodonite of clean, pink colour is a desirable gem and ornamental stone. It has often been used for beads, pendants, and other ornaments.

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