rhizopodan /ruy zop"euh dn/, adj., n.
/ruy"zeuh pod'/, n.
any of numerous protozoa of the widespread subphylum (or superclass) Rhizopoda, characterized by a pseudopod and comprising most members of the phylum Sarcodina, including the amebas and foraminifers.
[1850-55; < NL Rhizopoda name of the superclass. See RHIZO-, -POD]

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      any member of the protozoan superclass Rhizopoda. Three types of pseudopodia (cytoplasmic extensions) used in locomotion and digestion are found in members of this superclass: (1) long, thin reticulopodia, which fuse into a network; (2) nonfusing filopodia, similar to reticulopodia; and (3) blunt and fingerlike lobopodia (the pseudopodia formed by Amoeba). Tests (protective shells) are common. For information on important members of the superclass, see amoeba; Entamoeba; foraminiferan; testacean.

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