/ri tree"veuhr/, n.
1. a person or thing that retrieves.
2. one of any of several breeds of dogs having a coarse, thick, oily coat, trained to retrieve game.
3. any dog trained to retrieve game.
[1480-90; RETRIEVE + -ER1]

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Any of several dog breeds, bred to retrieve game, that have a thick, water-resistant coat, keen sense of smell, and "soft" mouth that does not damage game.

Retrievers are 22–24 in. (55–62 cm) tall and weigh 55–75 lbs (25–34 kg). The golden retriever has a golden-brown coat that is long on the neck, legs, and tail. The Labrador retriever has a short black or brown coat. Both are often used as guide dogs, and both are highly popular as pets. Other retriever breeds include the Chesapeake Bay, curly-coated, and flat-coated retrievers.

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 any of several sporting dogs (dog) bred and trained to retrieve game. Retrievers are characterized by water-resistant coats, a keen sense of smell, and “soft” mouths that do not damage game. See Chesapeake Bay retriever; curly-coated retriever; flat-coated retriever; golden retriever; Labrador retriever; Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever.

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