rendible, adj.
/rend/, v., rent, rending.
1. to separate into parts with force or violence: The storm rent the ship to pieces.
2. to tear apart, split, or divide: a racial problem that is rending the nation.
3. to pull or tear violently (often fol. by away, off, up, etc.).
4. to tear (one's garments or hair) in grief, rage, etc.
5. to disturb (the air) sharply with loud noise.
6. to harrow or distress (the heart) with painful feelings.
7. to split or tear something.
8. to become torn or split.
[bef. 950; ME renden, OE rendan; c. OFris renda]
Syn. 2. rive, sunder, sever, cleave, chop, fracture, rupture. See tear2.

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