red fox

red fox
a fox, Vulpes vulpes, usually having orangish-red to reddish-brown fur. See illus. under fox.
[1630-40, Amer.]

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or common fox

Either of two fox species: Vulpes vulpes, found throughout Europe, temperate Asia, and northern Africa, and V. fulva of North America.

It has a reddish brown coat; the tail is white-tipped, and the ears and legs are black. Red foxes are 36–42 in. (90–105 cm) long, including the 15-in. (38-cm) tail; they stand about 16 in. (40 cm) tall and weigh about 15 lb (7 kg). They eat small mammals, eggs, fruit, and birds. They are hunted for sport and for their fur and are raised commercially for pelts. North American red foxes exhibit black and silver colour phases.

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