/ree"deuhr/, n.
1. a person who reads.
2. a schoolbook for instruction and practice in reading: a second-grade reader.
3. a book of collected or assorted writings, esp. when related in theme, authorship, or instructive purpose; anthology: a Hemingway reader; a sci-fi reader.
4. a person employed to read and evaluate manuscripts offered for publication.
5. a proofreader.
6. a person who reads or recites before an audience; elocutionist.
7. a person authorized to read the lessons, Bible, etc., in a church service.
8. a lecturer or instructor, esp. in some British universities: to be appointed reader in English history.
9. an assistant to a professor, who grades examinations, papers, etc.
10. Computers. a device that reads data, programs, or control information from an external storage medium for transmission to main storage. Cf. card reader, optical character reader.
11. a machine or device that projects or enlarges a microform image on a screen or other surface for reading.
12. a playing card marked on its back so that the suit or denomination of the card can be identified.
13. Library Science. the user of a library; library patron.
[bef. 1000; ME reder(e), redar(e), OE raedere. See READ1, -ER1]

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