/ray'dee oh fahr'meuh sooh"ti keuhl/, n. Pharm.
any of a number of radioactive drugs used diagnostically or therapeutically.

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  • radiopharmaceutical — [rā΄dē ō fär΄mə so͞ot′i kəl, rā΄dē mō fär΄məsyo͞ot′i kəl] n. a radioactive drug, compound, etc. used in physiological study or in the diagnosis and treatment of disease …   English World dictionary

  • radiopharmaceutical — A radioactive chemical or pharmaceutic preparation, labeled with a radionuclide in tracer or therapeutic concentration, used as a diagnostic or therapeutic agent. * * * ra·dio·phar·ma·ceu·ti·cal .rād ē ō .fär mə süt i kəl …   Medical dictionary

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  • radiopharmaceutical — /ˌreɪdioʊfaməˈsjutɪkəl/ (say .raydeeohfahmuh syoohtikuhl) noun a radioactive pharmaceutical, used in nuclear medicine as a tracer in the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases …   Australian-English dictionary

  • radiopharmaceutical — A drug containing a radioactive substance that is used in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and in pain management of bone metastases. Also called a radioactive drug …   English dictionary of cancer terms

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