/puy"rohp/, n.
a mineral, magnesium-aluminum garnet, Mg3Al2Si3O12, occurring in crystals of varying shades of red, and frequently used as a gem.
[1300-50; ME pirope < L pyropus gold-bronze < Gk pyropós lit., fire-eyed, equiv. to pyr- PYR- + op- (s. of óps) EYE + -os adj. suffix]

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also called  Bohemian Garnet, or Cape Ruby,  

      magnesium aluminum garnet (Mg3Al2), the transparent form of which is used as a gemstone. Its colour varies from brownish red to purplish red. A beautiful, deep-red pyrope is often called ruby, in combination with the locality of occurrence, as Cape ruby from South Africa. It is also used in jewelry as the Bohemian garnet.

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