pyromaniac /puy'reuh may"nee ak'/, n.pyromaniacal /puy'roh meuh nuy"euh keuhl/, adj.
/puy'reuh may"nee euh, -mayn"yeuh/, n.
a compulsion to set things on fire.
[1835-45; PYRO- + -MANIA]

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▪ psychological disorder
      impulse-control disorder characterized by the recurrent compulsion to set fires. The term refers only to the setting of fires for sexual or other gratification provided by the fire itself, not to arson for profit or revenge. Pyromania is usually a symptom of underlying psychopathology, often associated with aggressive behaviours. Sigmund Freud (Freud, Sigmund), the founder of psychoanalysis, noted that the majority of pyromaniacs are males with a history of bed-wetting and suggested that pyromania is one of many disorders brought on by the denial of instinctual drives, in this case a male desire to control fire by urination. Later psychoanalysts found his explanation too simplistic. Among other suggested causes of pyromania are the feeling of rejection and the wish for the return of an absent father.

      Pyromania usually first surfaces in childhood, and only a small percentage of adult fire-setters actually suffer from the disorder. Pyromaniacs fighting an urge to set fires experience increasing tension that can only be relieved by giving in; after repeated failures to control the impulse, they may cease resistance to avoid this tension. The disorder may be treated by family-centred psychotherapy and by antidepressant drugs.

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