/puy'reuh looh"suyt, puy rol"yeuh suyt'/, n.
a common mineral, manganese dioxide, MnO2, the principal ore of manganese, used in various manufactures, as a decolorizer of brown or green tints in glass, and as a depolarizer in dry-cell batteries.
[1820-30; PYRO- + Gk loûs(is) washing + -ITE1]

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      common manganese mineral, manganese dioxide (MnO2), that constitutes an important ore. Always formed under highly oxidizing conditions, it forms light-gray to black, metallic, moderately heavy coatings, crusts, or fibres that are alteration products of other manganese ores (e.g., rhodochrosite); bog, lake, or shallow marine products; or deposits left by circulating waters. It is mined in Germany, Brazil, India, the United States, Cuba, Morocco, Ghana, and South Africa. Pyrolusite is used in the manufacture of steel and manganese bronze; in dry cells; and as a decolorizing agent in glass. For detailed physical properties, see oxide mineral (table).

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