pyrogallic /puy'reuh gal"ik, -gaw"lik/, adj.
/puy'reuh gal"awl, -ol, -geuh lawl", -lol"/, n.
a white, crystalline, water-soluble, poisonous, solid, phenolic compound, C6H3(OH)3, obtained by heating gallic acid and water: used chiefly as a developer in photography, as a mordant for wool, in dyeing, and in medicine in the treatment of certain skin conditions. Also called pyrogallic acid.
[1875-80; PYRO- + GALL(IC)2 + -OL1]

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also called  pyrogallic acid , or  1,2,3-trihydroxybenzene 

      an organic compound belonging to the phenol family, used as a photographic film developer and in the preparation of other chemicals.

      Pyrogallol was first obtained in 1786 from gallic acid, obtainable from galls and barks of various trees. It is converted to pyrogallol by heating with water under pressure. Pyrogallol is the oldest photographic developer, its rapid deposition of silver from silver salts having first been noted in 1832. Alkaline solutions of pyrogallol absorb oxygen efficiently and are used in determining the oxygen content of gas mixtures.

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