pterygial, adj.
/teuh rij"ee euhm/, n., pl. pterygiums, pterygia /-rij"ee euh/. Opthalm.
an abnormal triangular mass of thickened conjunctiva extending over the cornea and interfering with vision.
[1650-60; < NL < Gk pterýgion little wing or fin, equiv. to pteryg- (s. of ptéryx) wing, fin + -ion dim. suffix]

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      abnormal wing-shaped fold of the conjunctiva (the mucous membrane lining the eyelids (eyelid) and covering most of the front of the eyeball) that invades the surface of the cornea. Often preceded or accompanied by a pinguecula (yellowish growth in the conjunctiva), pterygia arise from the inner (nasal) or outer (temporal) aspects of the eye (eye, human). The growth can obscure vision if it encroaches upon the centre of the cornea and thus covers the pupil. Pterygia can contract, altering the shape of the corneal surface and causing astigmatism and blurred vision. Pterygia result from exposure to bright sunlight, wind, and dust, as well as from chronic dryness of the eye. Treatment is surgical removal of the membrane, although recurrence is common in this stubborn affliction.

Daniel M. Albert David M. Gamm

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