Prussian blue

Prussian blue
1. a moderate to deep greenish blue.
2. one of the iron blues, a dark-blue, crystalline, water-insoluble pigment, Fe4[Fe(CN)6]3, produced by reacting ferrocyanic acid or a ferrocyanide with a ferric compound: used in painting, fabric printing, and laundry bluing.
[1715-25; trans. of F bleu de Prusse, so called because it was discovered and first reported in Berlin, capital of Prussia]

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      any of several deep-blue pigments that are composed of complex iron cyanides and hence called iron blues. The most common of these pigments are Prussian, Chinese, Milori, and toning blue. Prussian blue has a reddish tint and is used almost exclusively in paints, enamels, and lacquers; Chinese blue is very dark, with a greenish tint, and is favoured for use in printing inks; Milori blue has a reddish tint; toning blue is dull, with a strong red tone. All these pigments are chemically similar, differences in shade arising from variations in particle size and details of the manufacturing process.

      Prussian blue was first synthesized about 1704 by the reaction of salts of iron in the +2 oxidation state (ferrous salts) with potassium ferrocyanide; the initial product, an insoluble white compound called Berlin white, was then oxidized to the blue pigment. Oxidation produces some Fe3+ ions, and the blue colour is due to absorption of light of appropriate wavelength for effecting electron transfer from Fe2+ to Fe3+. Modern commercial methods are similar but use the cheaper sodium ferrocyanide; the oxidation is carried out with sodium chlorate, sodium chromate, or other reagents. The iron blues often are mixed with yellow pigments, such as lead chromate or zinc chromate, to produce greens. Turnbull's blue, formed by the reaction of ferricyanides and ferrous salts, has the same chemical composition as the iron blues (MFe2[CN]6, in which M represents an ion such as sodium or potassium).

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