frontline or front-line [frunt′līn΄]
of, at, on, or forming a front line [frontline soldiers, frontline research]

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front·line also front line (frŭntʹlīnʹ) n.
1. A front or boundary, especially one between military, political, or ideological positions.
3. Football. The linemen of a team.
4. Sports. The players who play farthest forward, as in volleyball.
adj. or front-line
1. Located or used at a military front.
2. Of or relating to the most advanced or important position or activity in a field or undertaking: “leaders of the six black ‘front-line states’ bordering South Africa” (Boston Globe).
3. Sports.
a. Of or relating to the frontline.
b. Being a member of the regular team; first-string:

a team in need of a frontline catcher.

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