private treaty

private treaty
a property sale based on terms resulting from a conference between buyer and seller.

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  • private treaty — ➔ treaty * * * private treaty UK US noun [C or U] ► LAW, PROPERTY a legal agreement in which something, especially land or property, is sold directly to the person who wants to buy it: »The site will be sold by private treaty at a fixed price or… …   Financial and business terms

  • private treaty — n: a sale of property on terms determined between the buyer and the seller got better prices by private treaty than his neighbors did at auction Merriam Webster’s Dictionary of Law. Merriam Webster. 1996 …   Law dictionary

  • private treaty — UK / US noun [uncountable] business an agreement to sell property that is made directly between the person selling the property and the person buying it You can sell the land by auction, by offers, or by private treaty …   English dictionary

  • private treaty sale — The sale of a company or business where the seller and buyer agree the terms of sale between themselves. Related links auction sale Practical Law Dictionary. Glossary of UK, US and international legal terms. 2010 …   Law dictionary

  • private treaty — noun Date: 1858 a sale of property on terms determined by conference of the seller and buyer compare auction …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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  • treaty — trea·ty n pl treaties [Anglo French treté, from Middle French traité, from Medieval Latin tractatus, from Latin, handling, treatment, from tractare to treat, handle] 1: the action of treating and esp. of negotiating 2: an agreement or arrangement …   Law dictionary

  • private — pri‧vate [ˈpraɪvt] adjective [only before a noun] 1. private property, businesses, activities etc are owned or paid for by people and companies, rather than the government: • They transferred ownership of thousands of companies from the state to …   Financial and business terms

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