/pree"singkt/, n.
1. a district, as of a city, marked out for governmental or administrative purposes, or for police protection.
2. Also called precinct house. the police station in such a district.
3. Also called election district. one of a fixed number of districts, each containing one polling place, into which a city, town, etc., is divided for voting purposes.
4. a space or place of definite or understood limits.
5. Often, precincts. an enclosing boundary or limit.
6. precincts, the parts or regions immediately surrounding a place; environs: the precincts of a town.
7. Chiefly Brit. the ground immediately surrounding a church, temple, or the like.
8. a walled or otherwise bounded or limited space within which a building or place is situated.
[1350-1400; ME < ML praecinctum, n. use of neut. of L praecinctus, ptp. of praecingere to gird about, surround, equiv. to prae- PRE- + cing- (s. of cingere to surround; cf. CINCH1) + -tus ptp. suffix]
Syn. 1. ward. 4. territory. 8. compound.

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