Prague School

Prague School
a school of linguistics emphasizing structure, active in the 1920s and 1930s.

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      school of linguistic thought and analysis established in Prague in the 1920s by Vilém Mathesius (Mathesius, Vilém). It included among its most prominent members the Russian linguist Nikolay Trubetskoy and the Russian-born American linguist Roman Jakobson (Jakobson, Roman); the school was most active during the 1920s and '30s. Linguists of the Prague school stress the function of elements within language, the contrast of language elements to one another, and the total pattern or system formed by these contrasts, and they have distinguished themselves in the study of sound systems. They developed distinctive-feature analysis of sounds; by this analysis, each distinctive sound in a language is seen as composed of a number of contrasting articulatory and acoustic features, and any two sounds of a language that are perceived as being distinct will have at least one feature contrast in their compositions. The concept of distinctive-feature analysis in studying the sound systems of languages has been incorporated within the standard model of transformational grammar.

      The Prague school is also renowned for its interest in the application of functionalism—the study of how elements of a language accomplish cognition, expression, and conation—to syntax and the structure of literary texts.

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