potlike, adj.
/pot/, n., v., potted, potting.
1. a container of earthenware, metal, etc., usually round and deep and having a handle or handles and often a lid, used for cooking, serving, and other purposes.
2. such a container with its contents: a pot of stew.
3. the amount contained in or held by a pot; potful.
4. a flowerpot.
5. a container of liquor or other drink: a pot of ale.
6. liquor or other drink.
7. a cagelike vessel for trapping fish, lobsters, eels, etc., typically made of wood, wicker, or wire. Cf. lobster pot.
8. a chamber pot.
9. Metall.
a. a vessel for melting metal; melting pot.
b. an electrolytic cell for reducing certain metals, as aluminum, from fused salts.
10. Brit.
a. See chimney pot.
b. Dial. a basket or box used for carrying provisions or the like; a pannier.
11. Slang. a large sum of money.
12. all the money bet at a single time; pool.
13. Brit. Slang. (in horse racing) the favorite.
14. See potshot.
15. a liquid measure, usually equal to a pint or quart.
16. Armor.
a. an open, broad-brimmed helmet of the 17th century.
b. any open helmet.
17. Slang. a potbelly.
18. go to pot, to become ruined; deteriorate: With no one to care for it, the lovely old garden went to pot.
19. sweeten the pot. See sweeten (def. 8).
20. to put into a pot.
21. to preserve (food) in a pot.
22. to cook in a pot.
23. to transplant into a pot: We must pot the petunias.
24. Hunting.
a. to shoot (game birds) on the ground or water, or (game animals) at rest, instead of in flight or running: He can't even pot a sitting duck.
b. to shoot for food, not for sport.
25. Informal. to capture, secure, or win.
26. Informal. to take a potshot; shoot.
[1150-1200; ME pott (see POTTER1); c. D, LG pot (perh. > F pot)]
/pot/, n. Slang.
[1935-40, Amer.; said to be a shortening of MexSp potiguaya or potaguaya, appar. contr. of potación de guaya wine or brandy in which marijuana buds have been steeped (lit., drink of grief)]
/pot/, n. Scot. and North Eng.
a deep hole; pit.
[1325-75; ME; perh. identical with POT1]

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