posteriorly, adv.
/po stear"ee euhr, poh-/, adj.
1. situated behind or at the rear of; hinder (opposed to anterior).
2. coming after in order, as in a series.
3. coming after in time; later; subsequent (sometimes fol. by to).
4. Anat., Zool.
a. (in quadrupeds) pertaining to or toward the rear or caudal end of the body.
b. (in humans and other primates) pertaining to or toward the back plane of the body, equivalent to the dorsal surface of quadrupeds.
5. Bot. toward the back and near the main axis, as the upper lip of a flower.
6. the hinder parts or rump of the body; buttocks.
[1525-35; < L, comp. of posterus coming after, deriv. of post after]
Syn. 1. See back1.

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