positive organ

positive organ
1. a small pipe organ of the Middle Ages.
2. a section of a pipe organ having mostly flue stops.

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      (from Latin ponere: “to place”), in Western music, small organ used in liturgical and, at times, in secular music from the 10th to the 17th century. It had short legs and was set on a table or the floor; two persons with a cart could move it. Two persons were also needed to operate it, the player and a second person who worked hand or foot bellows. There was one manual, or keyboard, and a limited selection of flue (flutelike) stops and, later, reed stops.

      The positive organ declined as technical improvements were made in large church organs; in the 20th century, positives were occasionally reintroduced into small churches. The secular positive organ developed into the 18th-century chamber organ.

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