/poohp/, n.
1. a superstructure at the stern of a vessel.
2. See poop deck.
3. (of a wave) to break over the stern of (a ship).
4. to take (seas) over the stern.
[1375-1425; late ME pouppe < MF < L puppis stern of a ship]
/poohp/, v.t. Slang.
1. to cause to become out of breath or fatigued; exhaust: Climbing that mountain pooped the whole group.
2. poop out,
a. to cease from or fail in something, as from fear or exhaustion: When the time for action came, they all pooped out and went home instead.
b. to break down; stop functioning: The heater has pooped out again.
[1885-90; perh. to be identified with POOP4]
/poohp/, n. Slang.
relevant information, esp. a candid or pertinent factual report; low-down: Send a reporter to get the real poop on that accident.
[1945-50, Amer.; appar. extracted from POOP SHEET; cf. POOP4]
/poohp/, Slang.
1. excrement.
2. to defecate.
[1735-45; earlier "to break wind," prob. the same word as ME powpen, popen to sound or blow a horn; uncert. if POOP2, POOP3 are sense developments or parallel expressive coinages]
/poohp/, n. Slang.
1. See party pooper.
2. a stupid, fussy, or boring person.
[1910-15; perh. shortening of NINCOMPOOP]

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